RM 9 - Bugs on back up and error reports

  1. When I do a back up, the path suggested is the “working” version of my file which is usually the desktop. It does not use the path saved in the settings to the folder I wish to use to store back ups. I’ve never had this problem in 20+ years so I guess it is RM9.

  2. I keep getting an error when I try to link to a person through the window which displays Parents, Spouses - it is the smaller window just above the index window.

I am unable to recreate either of these issues; in both cases RM9 works as expected.

Assuming that you’ve run all of the db tools already, for #1, RM settings are stored in a file called “RootsMagicUser.xml” and it’s located in a separate folder from user defined folder structures. On mac, the path to the xml file is ‘{HD name}/Rootsmagic/Version9’. Windows should be something similar. If you aren’t comfortable with viewing/editing xml then it might be simplest to reset your system settings from the command palette or try a de-install/re-install of RM9. (Note that resetting system settings sets them all to default values so you might want to do a few print screens first.)

Issue #2 seems more complicated. You may want to describe your linking steps in more detail or go right to opening a ticket with RM support.

Check your setting very carefully to ensure that there is no typographical error. Better still, use its folder browser to navigate to the desired folder and select it - no typing. And check that folder’s properties that it is not read-only.

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I am also unable to recreate either one of these issues. Could you post a screen shot? Well, post separate screen shots for each issue.