No backup in

Just upgraded today, ran Treeshare, ran backup and received error message "Runtime error 217@o----------01036788. Checked no backup saved.

Where are you backing up to? Run All Tools and try again.

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Backing up to C:\Users\Russell\Documents\RootsMagic. However I note that while my settings show this path, there is no folder RootsMagic, only RootsMagic 9, yet there are previous RM10 backup files shown in RootsMagic 9 folder?

Ran all database files, ran backup, message came up “Overwrite previous file” clicked yes. Backup completed (no error message) but still no backup file listed?

Changed BU folder to RootsMagic 9, ran BU, still no BU file created.

Did a search for the file and found a number in C:\Users\Russell\Documents, not in the C:\Users\Russell\Documents\RootsMagic 9 folder at all.


yes guess that’s why it’s called RootsMAGIC lol

I created a RM10 folder for all the new stuff.

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That’s because your setting for backup folder is an invalid path that RM cannot find so it defaults to rhe Documents folder. Reset the folder setting for backups using the browse to folder rather than risking a typo.

Spaces in folder names?

I keep mine really simple. For my three RM programs, for my folders I use:

Right after installing a new version and importing the previous one, I go into the program and put in my storage folders. I use the same folder for documents, backups, etc.

Thanks guys for all your suggestions. All working now.

Strange that I never had this issue with all the upgrades from RM4 to RM9 where the install of the latest version always found the previous data file, converted it and set the folder path, but not this time.


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For those new to RootsMagic

To add to my post on setting up folders for backups,reports, etc.

In RM10 to set paths for folders, go to settings, then folder settings.
In RM7 go to Tools, then Program Options, the folders

I personally like to keep the path for backups short and simple, and keep the same structure on the files I save to flash drives and second and third computerrs.