RM7 backup saved to wrong folder

I have a folder designated for my RM7 backups. But when I exit and RM7 asks to save backup it wants to save it in the Documents folder and I have it designated for a Backup folder in my Genealogy folder. I have it setup correctly in Program Options under folders, but it will not save there unless I change it when I close the program.
RM7 backup

Exactly what folder have you specified as your default backup folder (the full folder path all the way back to your C:\ drive)? Does the folder actually exist?

It does, that is where my backups used to go to automatically and what I have selected in Program Options. C:\Users\Charlie\Genealogy\Root Magic\Backup Files
Program Options

The conundrum is this:
@thejerrybryan is pointing out that if you had only typed in those paths shown above but had not also actually created those folders in those paths onto your storage drive… then RootsMagic behaves as described (defaulting to Documents folder).

So, if you had been using these settings for awhile and now RM7 shows Documents instead… they aren’t being recognized as being there on your storage device anymore (or you don’t have write permission) for some reason.

Are you logged in as Charlie ?

You might try redoing the setting for Backup files. Change to a different folder, not by typing but by browsing. Do a backup and check it goes there. Then change it the dame way, not by typing, and see if that fixes it.

Also, are new reports, exports, database files going where they should?

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I have selected the folder by browsing. Have not done any reports, but exports are not going where I have selected either. For now I will just change it every time I do a backup.

I’m sort of repeating myself at this point, but be really sure those folders really exist. In particular, the blanks in the folder names seem suspicious. Have you maybe created the folders but the actual folder names are spelled differently than the folder options in RM because of the blanks?

I find in general that blanks in folder names and file names are not a good idea. Sometimes they work just fine, but sometimes they don’t. When blanks in folder names and file names don’t work, there can be problems that are very subtle and hard to diagnose. For example, RM’s backup files are created by making zip files with an rmbackup file extension. Maybe the zip file library that RM is using doesn’t doesn’t like the blanks.

In accord with Tom’s excellent suggestions, what happens when you do a backup from RM and as a part of the process try to navigate to the correct backup folder?

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Maybe a screenshot of your folder structure would help to compare with what you have in RM.

Looks like you solved my problem. I replaced the blank space with an underline and now the folder I select stays as I selected it in Program Options. A simple lesson learned! Thank you!

Thanks to all who answered my post and contributed suggestions!