Problem with RM7 & RM8 - Windows 10

I am running Windows 10 on a desktop PC and have used RM for many years. I decided to retain RM7 in is own directory and install RM8 likewise. For 3 or 4 days I have used both as I become familiar with RM8.

Since installing RM8 I have experied a few strange things with RM7.

  1. Despite RM7 sending backups to its designated RM\Backups folder for years it now simpy sent them to C\ Name\Documents, despite the file settings remaining constant. Deleting the setting and re-entering the correct address has not make any difference. However entering the backup folder details immediatly prior to clicking ‘yes’ to backup it will send them to the backup folder.

  2. After rebooting PC tobcomplete a routine Win10 ‘upgrade’ I received a message to the affect that RM had difficulty with some conflict. (It disappeared before I fully read it.) My authentications to RM7 have been wiped - ie I am now a new unregistered user.
    The basic quesion is “Having installed RM8 in its own directory should I still be able to continue using RM7”? Bear in mind that it worked for a few days before rebooting. At this stage I have not tried to reactivate RM7 (hopefully I still have the registration number!) before asking advice from the “brains trust” to avoid causing any corruptions etc . I would appreciate comments please.
    Thank you

Regarding the loss of RM7 registration details after a Windows update, this “feature” has been reported in RM7 forums for some years - although it has never happened to me - and no one really knows quite why it happens. Just re-inserting your reg. no. seems to solve the problem. RM can provide the number if you can’t find it but you have to tell them the email address you used when you purchased it as that is what they use to identify you.

Thank you Terry. I appreciate your assistance. My usual attitude with programs is “What happens if I do this…?” I’m very careful with RM though!!

Exclusively using RM8 for a couple of days has been challenging but the more I use it the more I like it.

Many thanks

Peter H.