Backup directory not saved

This is annoying. Rootsmagic 8 does not remember where I put my backups so I have to do the tedious browse every time. This is another of the basic windows user features that is missing.

Many of us do not use the windows default places and want to control where our files go. What’s the point of having a data drive if I can’t use it? My C drive has significantly less storage than my D drive.

You can designate specific data, backup, media, gedcom, and report folders via Settings (at the bottom of the left hand menu). Click on the double folder icon at the top of the settings screen.

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Thank you. That worked. Another basic function tho that is missing is for it to remember.

You’re welcome. The program should always remember the folders for that specific database. Of course, it would be great to be able to set default folders that you would only have to modify as needed in specific cases.

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My backups go to my external hard disk and RM8 always knows that. Same folder as where my RM7 backups are still sitting

The “remember” part is a somewhat valid complaint. There’s no Recent Files for Restore from Backup like there is for Open an Existing RootsMagic file (code reuse seems palpable here) and neither of those functions appear to scan any storage device, other than the root drive (or maybe it’s the drive that the program is installed on), to populate the Found Files results.

As an adjunct to this question, here’s another: how many backups do you keep? I’ve been playing with RM8 for a week or two, and now have several daily backups. It has been my practice to retain the most recent three backups of other databases I use. My hard drive is backed up incrementally daily to and external HD. What do others do?

Don’t understand what your problem about RM “remembering” is? My backups go to a folder (named RM Backups - how original is that!) in iCloud, which I set up when I installed RM8 (I used Dropbox with RM7). When I want to do a restore I’m presented with a dated list of backup files, and I just pick the one I want - usually the most recent. I also use this to keep my desktop and my laptop in sync

This is the typical procedure. Of course it shows them to You, you SET those settings. I’m talking about after one does a backup to a thumbdrive or other storage device( besides the boot drive) NOT SET as the default settings.

If one does a backup to a thumbdrive or other storage device NOT SET as the default setting then I guess it is up to you to remember where you put it. Sorry but I really don’t understand what the problem is here.

No problem. Just discussion, since this is a feature-request thread. I’ve been in computers since my Univac days, so not hamstrung by any of these machinations. :wink: