Open last database when starting RootsMagic

In RM9 Settings I select “Open last closed file” and then I close RM9. Next time I start RM it doesn’t automatically open the last closed file, nstead I must select the DB to open, and when I check Settings I find that my check mark is gone. I don’t see anything on the screen which suggests I must save my selection. Why doesn’t it retain my selection and act upon it when I next open RM9?

This has never been a problem that I have seen with Windows or MacOS - others may comment.

  1. Make sure that your target rmtree is open.
  2. Program Settings - tick the “Open last database when starting RootsMagic”.
  3. Quit.
    Save settings is not required and on starting RM9 the target file will open. I would check that your folder settings are OK i.e. Data folder, something like, /Users/user/Documents/Rootsmagic where user is yourself.

Well, there is a problem!!
I went through various opening/saving/closing actions and duplicated your issue.
Tick the “Open last database when starting RootsMagic”
When you close out of Program Settings > Home > Open File i.e. your target preference > then close RM9 > your Program Setting should be saved.

For many of RM’s screens, it’s very fuzzy to me exactly when the Save of a change takes place. Some screens have a Check Mark icon that does an immediate change and some screens do not have the Check Mark icon. When there is no Check Mark icon, I suspect but don’t know for sure that the change actually happens when you switch to a different screen.

For example, I’m wondering if you checked that feature in RM and then exited immediately. If so, then RM might have exited without saving the change. But I really am wondering and guessing. I don’t know for sure.

If I were in your situation, I would probably set the option and then go to another main tab such as the main People tab on the left side of the screen. Then I would go back and look at the option again. It the option was still set at that time, I suspect I would be ok. If the option was not still set at that time, I would probably open a trouble ticket with the RM HelpDesk.

Thank you Jerry, that worked. In other words, you must do something else for this option to be saved. But now there’s a similar problem with the location where the backups should go. RM9 wants to put them on the C drive, in the C:\Users\userid\OneDrive\Documents folder, but I’ve been changing that to a folder on the D drive each time I do a backup. For some reason it doesn’t remember this D drive folder. The only place I can see to specify this location is in the backup dialog itself. Any ideas?

And just to clarify, I did follow the “do something else” procedure to get RM to remember this D drive backup location. In other words I did a backup (not part of a shutdown) to the new location, then I did something else, and then I went into the backup dialog again, and it had not remembered the new location.

Settings => Folder Settings => Backup Folder.

Set the backup folder to the appropriate folder on your D: drive.

It’s actually worth taking a few minutes early in your RM9 career to visit all the settings available on the main Settings tab. It doesn’t take very long,

Do be aware that there are only a few settings available when there is no database open. These settings are in effect for all your databases.

When there is a database open, there are additional settings that are available. These settings are only for the database which is currently open and these settings can be different for each database.

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Thank you again Jerry. I didn’t realize there were multiple categories within Settings. I’ll look through all of them.

I didn’t say it, it was implied, but I want to make it explicit. I did what you said and it worked!