Missing the Exit menu option from the old "File" menu

Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but where is the old “File” menu and the Exit option? The only way I can see to save and exit is using the ‘X’ in the upper right corner. (New RM8 user)

Most of the old File menu is in the File tab. Here you will find the Database tools, Import, Export, Backup, restore etc. The ability to close a file is here, too, but this will not prompt you to back up the file, unfortunately.

You don’t need to Save and Exit. You didn’t need to do it in RM7 either. As you move through the edits, things write to the database so there isn’t anything to lose. Using the X in the corner is the way to exit the program.

On mac you can close the current file via the file menu in the left sidebar.

To quit the program use the Rootsmagic top menu item or Command-Q. This does ask if you want to back up the file IF you have checked that option in Settings.

It really pays to review all settings or preference choices in any program you use and see if they change after updates.