Data NOT saved upon RootsMagic exit

Can someone confirm data is not being saved unless put another page ‘location’ in focus.
Ex: enter data in the results field of a task, and then ‘X’ d out of RootsMagic, only to find that all my work was missing.

1st-- when you created the task did you click OK
and 2nd

You need to set your database up to ASK FOR BACK-UP WHEN EXITING ROOTSMAGIC then when you hit the X to leave, you will get this
say yes if you CHANGED anything and it will ask if you want to OVERWRITE the EXISTING BACK-UP-- say yes and when you open it again, your changes will be there…

I did a quick test–added a task hit ok and immediately exited out of RM-- when I opened the database up-- the new task was there…

And ironically, there have been times when I didn’t backup the database ( had to force RM to close or it just simple disappeared) and my new data was in it-- it’ just was NOT in the backup

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No what I did was entered my TASK result text and immediately went to the upper right corner and hit the ‘X’ and then skipped the backup(have other OS backup).

I see the flow now…you have to exit the ‘EDIT NOTE’ back to ‘EDIT TASK’ and do the save at the point.
User Error…thank you for you time

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You might want to consider enabling RM db backups (without media). They are small files and put you in control of how much typing you want to re-enter should you make a mistake that wipes out important data. In addition to the setting to prompt for backup on exit as @nkess suggested, there is an option to automatically append the date, so it’s pretty painless to have a daily backup and it’s come in handy to have easy access to prior backups in addition to an overall backup strategy.