Lost work from last night!

I worked for hours last night and backed up before I shut down RM8. Today I opened RM8 and none of the work I did last night was saved - none of it. I restored the backup from last night and that too doesn’t show the work I did. What?! Why?! If someone could please point out what I did wrong so I can find my work, I’d be so grateful!
Edit to add: My file is larger than it was when I started but the people I added don’t show up on the pedigree. I’m using Windows 11. I think I discovered the problem: while adding media to records I got two error messages and I had to restart adding the media. It was work I did after that point that didn’t save. Next time I get an error message, I’ll know to restart the software and continue on. RM8 is working normally today after a restart.