No undo or escape in RM8

Let me tell you, this is my biggest annoying factor about RM8. I don’t know if RM7 did this because I never owned it.

I do a lot of cutting and pasting into RM8.
Sometimes I paste into the wrong field.

Here an example.
If I cut and paste into the name field by mistake, there is no way to undo it or escape out of it without it saving what I pasted by mistake.
If this is not on the update or fix list, it should be a priority.

If someone know how to do this, please let me know.

There should be a cancel button next to the save checkmark icon that you can use. Click cancel to remove what you just entered.


It is correct that RM8 does not have an Undo. Neither did any earlier RM. But as Renee mentioned, depending on exactly where you are in the data entry process it is sometimes possible to Cancel out before the item you are just now entering has been saved.

But you have to be quick and sure about cancelling out. In general, RM saves as it goes and there is no big save at the end of a session. For example, you can’t work for an hour in RM and then cancel out of the whole hour long session like you can with some software that saves only at the end.

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Thanks. I never saw that cancel button. It didn’t stand out.

On mac try command Z or ESC which may work.