How do I undo an error?

Sometimes, you will delete some information from a record. Some high-end apps use Ctrl+Z to ‘undo’ the boo-boo. Is there such a feature in RM8, and if not is something similar anticipated in the near future?




Because RM saves the edits as they are made, there has never been an Undo function. That would require an additional log file with detailed tracking of database changes. I’m not a programmer, so I have no idea how complex or storage-consuming that log file would become.

I used to be a database analyst for an IDMS brand of database on IBM mainframes. It had what was called roll forward and roll back (called undo on PCs) functions that used a sequential log file to keep track of the changes. This type of software is much more complex than RootsMagics simple updating with no ability to remove changes. And of course the log file is just one more thing to get fouled up. Be sure to keep frequent backups and watch what you are doing.

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I can’t speak for whatever plans the RM developers have in mind, but it seems extremely unlikely that RM will ever implement and Ctrl-Z style of undo. It would require that the software keep a change log or a journal file or whatever you might wish to call it of the changes it makes. Many server based database systems do this automatically. The SQLite database system that RM uses does not. So the developers would have to do it on their own.

There are a very few places in RM8 where there is the ability for you to cancel out of a change before you commit fully to the change. There is a Cancel icon you can use in these situations. But such ability is not common in RM8. And even where it exists, after you commit your data there is no Ctrl-Z type of function.

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