A more generalized use of copy and paste in RM8 missed

So far my biggest disappointment with RM8 has been the general lack of copy and paste except in certain areas. Would love for copy and paste in RM8 to be as available as it was in RM7. Any hope of that?


That was my biggest missed feature too. It is so basic.
See “Copy and paste, please” in this community listing.

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I am hoping that eventually the RM8 developers will allow copying anything and pasting it anywhere in the program. “Anything copied to anywhere in RM” is my rallying cry.


I have since discovered that to some extent they do allow copying and pasting if you go back to your roots and use keyboard shortcuts
To paste try Ctrl-Alt then V
To copy from RM8 Ctrl C
It doesn’t always work and is somewhat cumbersome but it is much more mistake free and quicker than typing everything.

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Totally agree.
Brought this one up during preview, it is still a problem (at least on my Mac, running v. 8.0.4 under Catalina:
“cannot select and copy data from eg the Contributor / Reason field on FamiiySearch in the comparison view
It isn’t a Source able to be selected and added to your database later, it’s part of the FamilySearch fact but not copied to RM when you add the fact itself (in neither RM7 or RM8)
Other areas of RM8 have gradually added the ability back to copy from anywhere (well most) places anything shows on a screen
This appears to have been overlooked (can do so in RM7 - as per attached” ( back on13 Jul 21 )"

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I wholly endorse this request. Right click copy & paste is essential. It’s quick and simple and avoids taking my hand off the mouse, where doing so slows me down. Keyboard shortcuts are a pain in the butt.
I’ve been using a computer for genealogy since 1989 and have not used keyboard shortcuts for several years. Because all Microsoft software uses right click, now, I simply forget that in RM8, in most fields, right click copy & paste does not work, or the paste ends up in the wrong field.

When demonstrating RM8, I am getting a lot of flak about the lack of this feature.
For some people, this is a deal breaker and you have lost sales because of it.


JOSO, I wholly endorse your endorsement. If I can see it I want to copy it and paste it. How did such an important feature get left out?


On my wish list too!


I’ve just submitted this:
In RM7 if you select a source you can immediately see the research notes added to it AND copy what’s there.
In RM8 I (usually) have to reposition the screen to even see the research notes and even then cannot copy what is on the screen
EDIT: I cannot even select the visible text
Even if I’ve then selected the citation involved and again repositioned so the notes are visible, still cannot copy what is on the screen
EDIT: I cannot even select the visible text
From the popup if I hover over the note for the citation it appears to select the text but when I try to copy it my computer beeps at me and has not copied it.
So yet another click to get into the edit note to be able to both select and copy what I’ve input for use elsewhere

Macbookpro Catalina v8.1.6 Using CMD+C to copy

Anything that is visible on a screen, particularly anything entered should surely be able to be copied for use elsewhere.

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I’m with you on this issue. I use Win 10 and copy / paste is built into it’s context functions but RM won’t code it to use. I’m not playing the work-a-round game and went back to FTM until I can use RM8 efficiently. I really would like to use it but copy / paste is a must for me.

I’ve just thought to try this on a windows machine.

It works on Windows from the first time the info is visible
This therefore appears to be a Mac related issue for me.