Bug Report - cut and paste RM9

Ctrl X and Ctrl V no longer work to cut and paste places and dates in RM 9. They work in RM8. Why in the world would something like that be lost with just a version change.

It’s hard to know why. My first guess would be that it’s because of the new note editor in RM9. Except that my paste operations all fail in RM9 on places other than the note editor. So whatever the problem is, it must be more than the note editor.

I did note that the Notes editor was fixed in RM9. One step ahead, one step backward.

Annoying indeed. It seemed to take ages to get this fixed in RM8 and now we are back to square 1. Keyboard copy/cut and paste operations are useful because you can store multiple items in the clipboard and select which one(s) to paste using CTRL WIN V, updating several fields in one pass.

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I’ll bet CTL v paste etc will be back very soon.
What I don’t understand is how it could have been released as is.
Does it mean that all of the RM testers never use the keyboard to control the clipboard?
It took me about 10 seconds after install to find the problem.

I just selected text in a Notepad document by using Ctrl+A, copied it using Ctrl+C, then pasted that text into an RM 9 note field using Ctrl+V.
I then selected the text in the RM 9 note field and pasted into a new Notepad document using the same Windows keyboard combinations?

For me, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-V all work in the RM9 note fields. (Ctrl-Shift-V works in the note fields, too, to past without any attributes.) They do not work in any other field. However, I just deleted notes in a burial event so I could move it to the death event but I now have a blank note in the burial event. How do I get rid of that blank note? In RM8, blank notes simply disappear. I’ve tried “Remove phantom records” to no avail.

Annoying is a kind word for RM still not fixing such a basic operation.
I used copy/cut/paste a lot (everywhere but RM).
It’s annoying enough doing the mouse-click dance to get the good things done that RM does do.
I bought RM9 just knowing that copy/cut/paste would now be useable.
Why can’t they just code to use the Windows context menu copy/paste?
You just select your text and right click to copy it. Paste it where you need it and move on.
Copy/cut/paste doesn’t work right and neither do the function keys.

Just a wild guess, but these kinds of problems may be related to the fact that RM8 and RM9 are a Windows and Mac app using a single code base. Achieving proper Windows compatibility and proper Mac compatibility at the same time therefore is surely a challenging task.

If one uses decent development tools, then one doesn’t need to worry about things like this. I will use Microsoft’s recent cross platform tool as an example. .Net Maui allows you to produce Android, iPadOS, MacOS and Windows apps/programs from a single code base. It does allow OS specific code to be added for each platform (such as registry values in Windows that don’t apply to the other platforms), however, standard OS functions, such as copy and paste or built in in such a way that when the project is built, those standard OS bits get built accordingly. So the build process figures out that for Windows, it must use CTRL C, CTRL V and for Mac, it must use CMD C, CMD V etc.

Form my slight tinkering with Embarcadero Delphi, it appears that even that IDE does the same thing. Thus, many of the things being blamed on the development tools are a complete and utter mystery to me. Of course RM is not going to divulge what tools they use. I wouldn’t do so either if my tools were so broken.

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Achieving proper Windows compatibility and proper Mac compatibility ?

I guess customer compatability doesn’t fit with the code base.
Maybe a programmer who likes a challenging task could code it for both?
If RM knows it’s on a Mac or on Windows couldn’t it be coded for both even using a single code base or is it just that incompatable? Maybe I don’t understand single code base limitations.

I haven’t installed embarcadero tools, but I’m interested in your experience.
Did you say that the embarcadero ide does work well, in terms of hot keys, or did you mean the opposite?

Any idea whether RM is in c++ or object Pascal?

~I believe it is NOT C++

But none-the-less, both Windows and Mac have many of the same keyboard shortcut functions. E.g. Cntrl-C in Windows is Cmd-C in Mac, Cntrl-V in Windows is Cmd-V in Mac, etc. How hard could it be to support both systems. And certainly most users who’ve been on a computer for more than a few years, know how to use, and expect to use these most BASIC keyboard shortcuts.