Pasting notes gives error message

I’ve been suffering this and cannot find the post by another user pointing it out. If I copy an entry from the notes of one fact, then paste it into another, RM8 stops the operation and sends an error message home.
But if I paste it into another app, eg Word, and then copy that entry, I can paste it into as many RM8 notes as I like.

Pardon me if everybody already knows this.

Cheers, Jonathan

Try the 3 dots and select Paste as plain text


Also Ctrl+Shift+V to paste as plain text.


It actually is a well known problem. Bruce reported in a Webinar that the problem was introduced into RM8 when the third party software that RM uses to support notes was updated. The update of the third party software had the error. Another update to the third party software will be required to fix the problem. In the meantime and like everybody else, I’m using Crtl-Shift-V to paste into RM.


Text box libraries should work.

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Thank you all: I have modified my behaviour to use Ctrl+Shft+V.

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And the latest update to RM8 has fixed this so Ctrl+V works fine now too.

Thanks, Jonathan