HELP! Pasting to the Note Section RM8

Hi, I need some technical help!

I use Word templates to transcribe BMD Census records etc which I then copy and paste into my notes, this has worked well on RM7 with no issues.

When I do this on RM8 not only does it paste the text I have transcribed but it pastes all the font codes for example : FONT face=“Imprint MT Shadow” style

instead of just the text, when i tried producing a test narrative report to see if it transferred the report is full of these codes as well as the text that should be there

Can anyone suggest how I can copy and paste the text without the code?

:slight_smile: thanks x

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You might want to try pasting into Notepad then copy it to RM8.

Click on the 3 dots and select Paste as plain text


Try using

Ctrl-Shift-v when pasting

I tried that yesterday and it worked for me.

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Thank you, thats great. I will give these a try. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

The 3 dots and paste as plain text worked, thank you.