RootsMagic 9 Bug

Okay - I downloaded the new version - working fine - especially the Notes since they have been improved. BUT scattered all over all my notes at random is an HTML code which I cannot reproduce exactly here because it immediately interprets and goes blank. Here is the code with an extra space after the “&” so it will print
& nbsp;
I know that code stands for a non-breaking space. But why it appears when and where it does makes no sense at all - I have compared it to the same notes back in RM 8. And I find no reason or consistency.
Anyone know an easy way to get rid of it since there is no “FIND and REPLACE” I have literally thousands of notes corrupted.

I have issues with the old notes having hidden codes. In RM9 on some notes I need to copy all and paste the note into Noedpad or Wordpad, then copy and past it back into the note. After that it’s fine.

Doesn’t work for this problem. The HTML code just gets copied back and forth - into Wordpad and right back into RM9. It has become part of the text. So far the only way is to delete the bad code one at a time - probably won’t finish in the next millenium.

First, you should paste it into notepad. When you paste it back are you using “Paste as Plain Text” and not just “Paste”?

If that doesn’t work, there is the possibility of deleting the non-breaking space code using an SQL statement. It’s more advanced to do, but if you have a lot, it might be the way to go. Info at:

I’ve tried both ways. Paste as Plain Text removes spacing between paragraphs, all other formatting such as italics (book title, etc) AND the HTML code is still there. Absolutely the worst solution.
Will investigate the SQL advice but what if I just created a much more awful mess.
There are other bugs in the Notes - not sure this update has been of any help.

I observed something similar last evening. I had been working on my desktop for a couple of hours with no issues copying and pasting. Then I switched to using my laptop on the couch. I had just installed a new copy of RM9 on that laptop and had gone through the preferences to set things up the way I like on that machine. One of the preferences I changed was the font scaling so I could see better on the smaller screen. Because I was also changing other preferences I ignored the warning to restart after I changed the font scaling, thinking I would do it once I had my colours set up as I wanted.

I got distracted by something else and forgot to restart. I began to notice immediately that whenever I copied and pasted (mostly source text) that there seemed to be HTML or rich text formatting instructions appearing in the pasted text. Thinking it was something to do with my text having been originally imported from another tool I just went in and deleted the extra codes myself. But I noticed it was happening consistently. Finally it dawned on me that I had not restarted my session after playing with the font scaling preferences. So I closed and restarted. Magically, the problem went away and cutting and pasting of source text was back to working as expected.

All this extended missive serves as a prelude to my question. Are these codes truly embedded as part of the text now in your notes or could it be something as simple as what I experienced and you just need to restart your session?


can you copy the

& nbsp

exactly as it appears in a note because there is a SEARCH AND REPLACE OPTION in RM 9-- it is UNDER the 3 dots on the line that says FAMILY- and also under TOOLS on the left side-once there, you have a drop down menu with many options including general notes-- then once the report is created, you have the choice of replace, replacing all or skip— and you only have to put something in SEARCH-- not in replace…

I haven’t tried it too much BUT it looks like you do one person at a time-- I would try a couple of replace and then check to see how it turns out-- if it turns out how you like, I would just hit REPLACE ALL-- still yet, I think it would take some time…

if hkcraswell solution doesn’t work, have you tried just making a new file from the RM 8 file and see if you have the same problem–if it still is like that, make a gedcom of the Rm 8 FILE AND IMPORT IT into a new file and yes I should say you MIGHT lose some data by doing a gedcom ( I don’t) BUT I would rather lose a little info then spend the next 3 weeks fixing the problem…

Here’s what is really odd - if I do the Search and Replace on the general notes - it does not find the HTML code. When I work on a note and get rid of the many codes by deleting, then close - they all re-appear sometimes but not always when I reopen. If I do a “Save” after deleting the codes, which isn’t even a thing in the notes - it defaults back to a search page but when I go back to the note they are really gone. It’s beyond weird.
Unfortunately I have opened RM8 - immediately it would only convert the file to the new format - to try and see what was in the notes in RM8. However, in RM8 the notes are perfectly fine. But here’s the rub - I’ve added some information in RM9 already… but should be able to compare files. It’s a mess and I’m not happy about it!

Later - tried new import - same result. Not in RM8. Code appears in RM9. Search and Replace won’t find it.

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