Copy and paste, please

Copy and paste is not working. I assume in the future it will. But until, it is tedious to re-enter captions and entering special characters is much more difficult. I would hope, anyplace where a copy and paste is wanted, could become available.


Hi @Doug, if it’s any consolation, I am unable to use copy and paste with the right click of my mouse. I can highlight text but when I right click, nothing happens and this is for all RM8 options, e.g. notes, fields etc. I can use the ctrl keys and the the C&P icons to C&P but just not the mouse. Mouse works fine in RM7 and all other programs but when I queried this (about a week ago on the RM8 Community Preview FB Group), I was advised this was unique to my computer not an issue with RM8. I don’t understand how, as I’ve done nothing different from my end.


Odd as my right click on say Notes works…RM8 and W10. There was an update today to RM8 maybe that clicked to work.

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Hi @Trudy - I’m wondering if maybe the “paste as plain text” option might work in this instance. This can be found under the 3 dots menu in the Edit Note screen. I’ve been using this to get around a similar sounding problem and it works, albeit with loss of formatting.

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I have been try to use the right mouse key for copy and paste (on V. 8) in Places to move the “Standard” to the current name without any luck. If I do a Ctrl C then Ctrl P it works but would prefer the mouse.


I just want to swipe and copy with the mouse any item or text I want.
Nothing is being changed by doing that and it really helps with research.
It’s just such a basic feature.


Until the copy and paste feature using a mouse is corrected, I must continue using version 7. I’m constantly using the feature, moving information from other sites to RM and from RM to other sites. Neater direction is working. Disappointed this was not caught during bata testing.


There are many standard Windows conventions not utilised. As well as the above issue, scrolling in lists (or any window) will only allow you to move 1 line at a time. You also cannot use Ctrl + or Alt + to make a selection in any window. Very frustrating.

It’s unclear whether or not this will be addressed in future updates or not. Again very frustrating.


I too was frustrated by this but have discovered it can be helped to some extent if you go back to your roots and use keyboard shortcuts
To paste try Ctrl-Alt then V
To copy from RM8 Ctrl C
It doesn’t always work and is somewhat cumbersome but it is much more mistake free and quicker than typing everything.

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