RM9 perfect so far … except

I can’t use keyboard shortcuts at all. Meaning, control-v, control-a, etc. are inert. Is that a system setting? Or a RM9 setting? It work just fine in RM8. ANyone else having this issue?

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You beat me to it. Got the same problem :unamused:

Confirming issue has been reported to development.

Renee, please add to the RM9 List to-be-fixed the function keys. F1 for help, F2 for Command Palette, F5 for switch databases are an ingrained habit. Thank you!


I’ve been trying to work without the keyboard shortcuts in the Editor and Citations … totally frustrating and absolutely annoying. Good to see issue reported to support. Hope it is corrected soon.

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Yup, same here. Just noticed this omission this morning while entering new people. I now have gotten used to right clicking the mouse instead…

The function keys issue started in RM8. It’s a bug in the latest development tools. We have reported it to them.

I also have been having the same issue. I did discover that it seems to be in some fields and not in others. Last night when I started to work on my file in 9 for the first time I discovered it in the sourcing section, I often use Ctrl C & Ctrl V to copy and paste. I could not use it in the Citation Name or the Page Number, but when I went to Comments, what I had copied to my clipboard went into the comment section just fine. This means that it is not the entire program, but in some sections. I stopped working as it is too cumbersome to retype all the information when I am sourcing. Hopefully this will give them a place to look if they can not find it right off.

Unfortunately, I was a dummy and in the process, I did not make a current backup of the file that was open at the time I upgraded. Now the file is not usable in 8. I can’t work in the file until this is fixed. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Amy-- you still can open your file in RM 8 as long as you had any backup of the file before opening it in RM 9–

1st makes sure your settings in RM 9 look like this ( or someplace different than your RM8 file)

Then open the backup file for RM 9— and close it again creating a new back up–it also creates a rmtree of your file in RM 9 instead of just the backup files in RM9…
then open RM8 and open the last backup file that you have USING THE RESTORE FROM BACKUP---- it will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing tree–say yes and hopefully you won’t have lost too much work-- if everything is pretty much okay in this NEW RM 8 file,when you close RM8–hit backup and it will update both the tree and the back-up-- IF however everything is NOT CORRECT, then DO NOT BACK IT UP…

However if your last backup on RM 8 was quite a while ago and you will lose quite a bit of data doing it this way, then export a gedcom of the RM9 file–save it to your desktop and import it into RM8 by using CREATE A NEW RM FILE AND GEDCOM–( you will have to use browse for file at the bottom of the page)

and YES you MIGHT lose some info ( I never have any problems with this) BUT better to lose a little info then to lose a lot of info or be stuck not being able to do anything at all…

btw-- IF you do a gedcom, rename the file Jacobs 4–New Jacobs file etc…

Nkess, Yes, thank you for the suggestion. Luckily I thought about that after my post and was not too far off before a backup was made. I found that I had backed up 2 nights before and only had two nights’ work that I need to go and enter into RM8. I have not done it yet as I started working on something else, but I will have to go back and enter all that I had done since the last backup. I was hoping maybe I could drag and drop between the two versions but not so. I will have to enter the information into 8 manually so that I can continue researching until the matter gets fixed. I am SO HAPPY I had backed up that close to my eager fingers hitting the convert button!!

Amy-- if you restore your backup from 8 and then make a gedcom of the RM 9 file, you MIGHT be able to drag and drop because opening the gedcom in RM 8 just makes a new RM8 file–just be sure to
RENAME THE GEDCOM-- if the drag and drop works or doesn’t–all you have to do is delete the gedcom and whichever RM 8 file you don’t want ( or keep both)…

Someone replied on another thread that Ctrl-Insert works for Copy and Shift-Insert works for Paste. It’s not an ideal situation but at least it works. All the Ctrl- short cuts work in the Notes fields, at least they do for me.

mrman23 thanks for the tip, it does work!! That will get me going again until they make a fix.

Nkess Great information. I wish I had seen it earlier. I went back and re-entered the information that I had entered into the db before I upgraded. It took me awhile but I got it done. I didn’t even think of being able to drag and drop by doing that. Thanks, for the great solution and I hope it may help someone else in my position!

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WOOHOO!!! The new update restores the CTRL-C, etc, function. I’m a happy camper now. Thanks for the quick fix.

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