RM v9 Editing Citations

I made another $20 contribution to Roots Magic hoping that V9 would make it easier for me to edit all of the sources/citations that v 8 messed up. But, V 9 has just made that effort much more time consuming and tedious because you can NOT use keyboard short cuts to copy or cut from any of the fields in a citation. It appears that you can only use your mouse to highlite and delete or paste. So, to edit these 1000s of messed up citations [thanks to v 8] I have to write down on paper the data needed to be moved and then delete it and then go to the field that I want to insert it and type it in. WHAT were you thinking?
I have lost ALL confidence in Roots Magic! You have made family history work a tedious hobby.
You need to put keyboard short cuts in many places that you removed, especially in the case of editing and making citations/sources.
To be precise, I have 1000s of citations that were all jumbled up when I moved into v 8. I have spent over a year trying to sort that all out. For example. I have about 4000 Findagrave sources. When I moved to v8 these sources moved into citations all jumbled up. Some of them were so badly messed up I couldn’t use them any more. I found that I could go to the citation and copy the memorial # and then go to the website and paste that into the search and easily find the memorial and then easily correct the citation. Now, I have to write the memorial down, because it is a long number and then go to the website and type it in to search.
Same with the citation. I can not cut the memorial from the citation name field and move it to another field by pasting.
I hope that I don’t find this issue elsewhere in the program.