Yet another bug in RM9.0.2 editor

While trying to copy/paste stuff from RM to the text box of a profile I was creating at WikiTree, I find that you can no longer copy text from citation details, either by double-clicking or with CTL-A (though it still appears to work in the Fact Notes). You can only right-click & select “COPY.” Even if you highlight the citation detail (which you can only do now by placing the cursor at the beginning of that field and holding down the right-arrow key), attempt to copy it, and then go to WikiTree (or wherever), it will simply paste whatever was previously in the clipboard.

By the way, why isn’t there a “REPORT BUGS HERE” section at RootsMagic Support? Are we assuming the coders scan this site for bug comments every day?

I think this would be the most appropriate place to report something you consider a bug.

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