Copy and Paste to Media Description not working after update to 8.04

OK, this is going to cause me great frustration. When I add a citation, I create a description of what I have found and place it in the Research Note of the citation. I then copy that and paste it into the description for the media that I add. However, after updating to 8.04 on my Windows 10 laptop, I can no longer paste using Control+V or the icons for paste. I get an Unexpected Error: Error reading TStateSaver.ElementClass: Property ElementClass does not exist. I have repeated this several times and have restarted the program, the computer, etc.

This will be a horrible slowdown!

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There is another thread about this issue, it was suggested restarting would help. I tried it (after getting this error) and lost all of the data I had input today following the update.

Try using CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste rather than CTRL+V

I’ll try. This seems to be the only location where I am unable to paste.

This is the same problem I had, but mine is in the Notes section for individuals (see Unable to paste in Notes with v. 8.0.4 -- 'Unexpected error' - and how to revert to 8.0.1?). I’ve submitted a support ticket for the issue, and you might consider doing the same; maybe if they get several tickets they’ll look into it.

I suspect that my problem might have something to do with the active URLs I paste into my notes linking individual facts to the corresponding FamilySearch records, but really not sure. I’m getting by using CTL-SHIFT-V to paste, but I really hope the developers can fix this.

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Yes, I have been experiencing the lack of copy and paste. CTL-C does copy and CTL-SHIFT-V does paste but not the standard CTL-V. I can live with that if I have to but hope it gets corrected. Using the mouse does not seem to work.