Sources / Citations /Edit Citation screen

is there a good source (web page or youtube video) to help me understand “Sources and Citations” and what information needs to be filled in and how do I merge duplicate info?
I’m new to RM8 and I was using Family Tree Maker (2019) and was having issues.
I have both Ancestry (paid) and FamilySearch accounts but I want to be able to make RM8 be my goto with maybe FamilySearch


Sources, Citations, and Documentation in RootsMagic 8

Family History Fanatics - RootsMagic Tutorial: Using Genealogy Source Citation Templates

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Thank you, is there a way to split apart a citation. It seems a web tag was assigned to the wrong citation.

Sounds like two questions. What do you mean by “split apart”?

As for the web tag, within the RM UI, you can remove/delete it or edit its contents; you cannot re-tag it somewhere else. One can do the latter by editing the database using SQLite.

I have a web tag that was assigned to the wrong source. I need to move it to a different source

You will need to manually copy and paste the information to the new location.