How to make Rootsmagic 8 sources and source citations GEDCOM-export friendly

Up until recently, I’ve been a Legacy 9.0 user. I prefer Rootsmagic due to the ability to connect both to Ancestry and Familysearch. I want to go through and revise my sources so they are consistent in their naming nomenclature plus are GEDCOM-export friendly in case I ever move onto another ancestry program in the future. I know to use the Free Form source template to ensure maximum compatibility with GEDCOM exporting but are there any issues with the citation details? Are citations in Rootsmagic 8 GEDCOM-export friendly like the Master Source and Master Source Details (text, media,etc.) sections? As an example, I would envision creating one master source for a particular federal census year and creating multiple citations regarding the particular location and the individual being referenced versus creating a separate source for each individual being referenced in the sourced material. Suggestions?

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If you are creating a GEDCOM to import into another program make sure to uncheck the option “Extra details (RM specific)”. All reused citations in RM8 will be individual citations when you export to GEDCOM so you shouldn’t see any issues.

I want to make sure I use a proper source format to minimize major integration/exporting issues if I choose to use a different genealogy program in the future. Even if I use the Free Form source template, I’m still concerned if I used fields like WebTags, Media, Source Comment in that it might not transfer accurately.

Of the variables you mention, all but WebTags are regular vanilla GEDCOM in the RM no frills export. Your FreeForm Footnote variable goes to TITL and Page var to PAGE. How well they import into other software depends on that software. Some can import the frilly version.