Fixing Source Citations in RM8

Hi - I just started with RM8 after using previous versions for many years. One thing I really would like to do is correct source citations for certain facts in a “global” manner. My database has lots of source errors from times when I mis-entered, or purposely abbreviated citations, over the years. For example, if I use the Smith CO Tennessee 1930 census Robert H. Jones household for 8 people and 20 different facts, can I make that source citation consistent for all of them? Thanks in advance.

This is exactly what the new citation “reuse” feature enables. Changes to a citation field are updated to all uses of that citation. When you memorize/paste, choose the ‘reuse’ paste option. (Sharing the fact does the same thing but there are implications to “sharing” that you will want to be aware of.)

There is a utility to merge all identical source/citation instances if you’re trying to clean up old stuff. Under Sources, 3 dots, merge duplicate sources first, then merge duplicate citations. Be aware that the merge is automatic and cannot be reversed. It also looks at text fields and not fields like media or webtags. So if you have 2 citations with exact text fields but different webtags, they will be merged into 1 citation with multiple webtags. Another post mentions that ‘merge duplicate’ may also have an impact on reports. I am not aware of any issues in that regard; perhaps others can add more.