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How do you memorize a source so you can quickly repeat it - memorize/paste in RM7?

In RM8, once you click on an individual source citation, there is an icon of 2 overlapping clipboards, in the upper right corner of the editing window. Click on this, and the citation is copied. Then, go to your new event or person, click on Sources for that Event, and in the upper right, there were be the 2 overlapping clipboards icon, and the words Paste Citation. Click on this. You then have the option of either pasting it (and thus duplicating it), or simply re-using it.

Now to expand on that, is it possible to re-use the exact citation, without all of those steps? I just cleaned up a whole lot of duplicate citations, so I’m glad that in RM8 we CAN re-use the citation, instead of just copying and pasting it.

Thank you for your reply.
When I open sources, I have a list of all sources on the left side, and when I click on a source, then I get an edit window on the right side. There is no clipboard icon or any icon in that edit window. Am I doing something wrong?

I believe that you are in the “Sources” tab. I’m starting with being in an Edit Individual window, whether you opened that from “People”, or from event used in a particular place or source from those lists. Does that make sense?

OK - if I start from a person, add a source to THAT person THEN I do see the Clipboard icon. So then I add a new source, click the icon while source is highlighted, and then go to next person and paste.


If you are in the Sources tab then the Clipboard will appear when you click on the Citations column which has a number showing how many Citations are using the Master Source. You can then select the Source Citation that you will either re-use or copy to modify

You are so right. Not very intuitive, but the functionality is available. I hope a user manual is in the works.

I suppose the reasoning goes like this: I want to copy or re-use a Source+Citation (which is what I normally do), so I first select the Source which is telling me I have maybe 356 citations associated with this Source - so I click on 356 and a window opens showing the 356 citations from which I can then select the one I want to use. I’m not sure if that is intuitive or not or what other way you would do it!

I agree, Hoosll. There are things I want to do from the Edit Individual window, but the program makes you go into the Sources tab or Places tab, and then back to the People tab. Not intuitive at all.
For instance, I can no longer edit place names on the master list from the place name field in the Edit Individual window. (In RM7, I could click on the globe icon next to the entered place name, it would come up on the master list, and I could edit it directly. In RM8, I can add a new place name, but I can’t edit the master place name from the Edit Individual window – the list is “select only”, not editable. I have to go into the Places tab, and search for the place manually, instead.

I miss some of the prompts:

Add a person, prompt if you forgot to choose “sex”

Add a spouse, prompt for date/place of marriage

I’m also tripping up because I want to see a person in the family view but if they don’t have a spouse, you cannot bring it up in the family view. I keep beating on the keyboard and then I realize…

My mantra today: Change is good, change is good

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Not to pick, but in RM7 you could ALT+M

Gee – I wish I had known that. I never bothered much with the expert keys.

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I attempted to “merge citations” in RM8 last evening, but the ONLY thing that happened was a white window/box appeared, the screen locked up. I left it and went to bed only to find the same situation when I awoke. Had to use task manager (Windows 10) to close the app.

I rewatched the RM8 youtube video on Preview – Sources. This helps a little in understanding the set-up, even though it looks slightly different now.

Doug, good to know. I don’t think I ever knew any of the keyboard shortcuts in RM7.