It shouldn't be this difficult

Adding a citation:
In trying to cite film details such as publisher, roll, etc. the info can not be cut and pasted in the Film details line.
When adding a fact, letter you type= start of facts with that letter/ Now I type O for occupation and I get every fact that has the letter O in it.
Every time I paste a citation, I am asked if I want to reuse citation or paste a copy. Hell, I don’t even know what the difference is.
Again, I know it is different from RM7 but… RM7 edit person screen: ALT+S opens sources, ALT+C opens source list, Find it then ALT+P pastes it and ALT+V saves it.
WAAAAAAAAAAY too many clicks in RM 8


It’s the super dooper search engine that will show you more than you want. Sometimes that comes in handy, though.

Too many clicks has been reported, to no avail.

I copied this from the testing forum:

There are two options when you want to copy and paste a Citation to another Fact. Determine if you want to “Memorize” or “Reuse” the citation. The Citation name determines how we find the Citation in a Citation list. After clicking the “Memorize this citation” icon in the “Edit Citation” window, go to a Fact, click “Sources” then click the “Paste citation” icon. After that, there are two options:

Reuse citation
“Re-use the memorized citation” - this copies the entire citation so any changes made to that citation will change it for everyone else that is using that citation. This is how the RM7 Master Source works. But in RM8, you can do this for citations. Think of this as a “shared” citation. When in the Edit Citation field, it will show how many times that citation was used in the “Citation Used” field. You can click on that field to display the names and events where the citation was used. This option works great for census transcriptions because if you later notice an error, you can correct the error and it will appear corrected for every fact in which it was used.

Paste copy
“Paste a copy of the memorized citation” - this creates a brand-new citation so that any changes made to that citation will change it only for that one citation. This is what happened in RM7 when you pasted a Memorized Source; RM7 created a completely new separate Source detail. Think of this as an “unshared” citation. The “Citation Used” field will always show that the citation was used only one time. It seems this option would be used less often.

All that info should be found in the Wiki, but the Wiki is not up-to-date with all features in RM8:


Thanks for that information, I couldn’t find it. However, isn’t it more clicks to always have to choose this way.? Before, the only time I shared citations was family members in Census data. Waaay too many clicks. I am not a programmer, but do you think this excessive click stuff can be eliminated in a software update?

Adding sources and citations is way more clicky and much harder to use and work with because of the sliding windows. Apparently, it’s been made more clicky so Mac users can use the same program as Windows users. Something to do with Macs can’t handle pop up windows. Maybe Bruce will explain in detail why it’s now more complicated.

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We really need to stop blaming this mess on the poor Mac users. Many of those issues we blame them for has nothing whatsoever to do with the operating system. Many of problems wouldn’t exist if some research was done on tools and libraries by the developers. I have said it before and I will say it again, there are tools out there that will let you build pretty decent cross-platform apps (including Android and iOS) from a single code base.


And the Embarcadero Delphi development platform used by RM Inc is cross-platform:

How “decent”? I don’t know nor do I know if theirs is the current version.

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Let me put it this way…at least as good as what we currently enjoy. I have been playing with the free version.

Cool. Does the free version let you connect to a sqlite database?

Haven’t even tried that yet. My Delphi isn’t quite up to snuff! It can be done, I just ain’t done it.

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I tried an earlier free version of Delphi and gave up when I would have had to pay a chunk for a higher version to connect to a SQLite database. So I started on the learning curve of Visual C# far enough to cobble together my RMtrix app but it’s been years since and I’ve forgotten most of the 1% I had picked up.