Folder Settings wiped in RM update?

A few weeks back I installed the original version of RM9, but never opened or used it. Yesterday, wanting to make sure my soon to be entered RM9 data didn’t step on, or intermingled with my RM8 data, I set (in DIRECTORY SETTINGS --correction FOLDER SETTINGS) the paths for Data, Backup, GEDCOM, Reports etc, to where I wanted them to put things. But I didn’t begin entering any data. I then closed the program. Today, when I started RM9, I noticed RM9 wanted me to upgrade to version, and so I did. Then I went to re-check the Directory settings (–Folder Settings) and found they were gone (i.e. blank)! It seems like stepped on my previous directory settings. Anybody else observing this? Did I fail to somehow explicitly save the directory settings? I don’t see a specific save function in DIRECTORY SETTINGS (–FOLDER SETTINGS) window? Did I miss something? Or is this a bug?

In Windows, I assume you are referring to the RM “Folder Settings” in RM9. After the most recent update, my folder settings remained the same so I’m not sure what happened in your case. I do use the RM program setting of “Open last closed file” so I don’t need to find the file each time to open. That way I intentionally work on the same file/project until I close that file and open another file. I am running all three RM versions (7,8 and 9) with data in separate folders.

Those settings are saved separate from the RootsMagic program executable and separate from where all the database files etc are saved, so be sure You are logged in as the computer user login name that created the database (originally).

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Yes, I probably used the wrong terminology… I was referring to RM “Folder settings”. I’m an old school computer geek and to me folders are just directories. I probably should have also added that I’m running RM9 on MacOS Monterey and I’m also the only user (and administrator) on the system.

And apparently the only Mac user to report such a symptom (to this date).

I’m not a Mac user and definitely not a computer programmer BUT maybe this happened because you did NOT have any database created or did NOT backup the new database you created–just guessing—If you did both, I would try creating a new file called TEST–set it up then back it up and reopen it…
Have you also read thru some of the other MAC specific posts on here as they MIGHT give you a clue–Just some suggestions…

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I haven’t tested any suggestions because I am already using RM9, but to be clear on the sequence you used: When you created the folder settings (yes, I still think directory, too), you had not yet created or tried to open a database, right? Then you closed the program. (I assume a backup is not an option at that point because you don’t have a database open.) When you ran RM9 again, you upgraded to 9.0.2, then checked the folder settings without trying to open or create any database. At that point the settings were not there. I have no further comments at this time.

I can report that if all you did was to navigate to Folder Settings, make changes there and then directly exit the program without navigating out of Folder settings to another window pane, RootsMagic did not update the user file with your new settings. It’s not that the Update wiped the file; rather, your procedure did not trigger the previous version to save your settings. That’s not your fault, necessarily; the developers just did not anticipate that a user might start and stop there!

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As cweese fairly correctly surmised, I had not established or opened a tree either before or after entering my Folder Settings. It was a completely clean install of RM9 and making entries for Folder Settings was all I did in that session. But whether I immediately closed RM9 or went back to Home after making the entries, I don’t remember.

I think TomH has best explained my mistake. I probably didn’t navigate out of Folder Settings and the settings were simply not saved (even though they had been entered). Since there is no explicit “Save Settings” button, I probably assumed I did not have to do anything further to save my entries. Most programs these days are either smart enough to recognize data in a field has been changed and automatically updates the file, or if not, provides an explicit “save” button. To me, a navigation button (i.e. “<” meaning “go back”) would never be interpreted as a mean’s to “save” data. But apparently in the case of RM9’s Folder Settings it is. Now I wonder if that is true elsewhere in the program? How many other places in RM9
do I have to “navigate” back, in order to save my entered data?