Rootsmagic 8 "Folder Settings"

I have created folders to my family files, including one for RM8 Backup Files, but every time I do a backup I have to use Browse to the correct drive and folder, it seems to always default back to Documents folder. How can I fix this, any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank You.

I assume that you have specified the “Backup Folder” under Settings / Folder Settings?

Make sure the Folder Settings are filled in something like this …
RM 8 folder settings

Thank you, yes I h ave.

I am saving to back up drive, but I don’t have “users”
My folders have B:\Rootsmagic8\Rootsmagic Backup files etc. Is that the problem?

If your folder is on a removable drive that may be the problem. Try setting all your folders to locations on one of your fixed hard drives and then copying the files to a removable drive.

Thank you, I will do that

Thank you Everyone, your help is much appreciated. I have resolved the issue by creating a user account, which I hadn’t done on this pc, following my laptop crash, now using my son’s old pc. Just saved a backup which immediately sourced the correct path. Many thanks. :+1:

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