Left to Right Hourglass chart settings?

How does one improve the setting for Hourglass charts using LEFT to RIGHT.
Note Bottom to Top or Top or Bottom to Top see fine.

I have played with spacing and tried checking “FIT” – and nothing really improves



also change page sizes


[EDIT[ – I also just noticed I have the same basic issue with the ancestor chart / bad result


Have you tried restarting your computer?

yes same result - reset Chart all – Top to boittom / bottom to top is fine
Left to right / right to left is the issue


I’m not seeing the same issue with the settings you show. Open a support ticket a copy of the database and we will check.

I am 99% sure its not related to database I tried several. It seems to have something to do with spacing/font and places.


it works fine in ver 8. – it might be specific to 9.1.3 ( but I do not have have earlier version of 9 to test that that

I tried copying basically all the setting options from the report in RM8 to RM 9 and that did not work. either

ps. I submitted a ticket with SVG and PDF examples. Hopeing someone else can replicate.
W10 RM

Things to know:

  • The Reset icon (counter-clockwise arrow) in main Hourglass Settings DOES NOT reset TO DEFAULT any Appearance section selections and ONLY the checkbox for Fit to Chart in the Page Layout section. For Chart Colors and Pictures section selections, one MUST go into their respective settings submenus and use their Reset icon (counter-clockwise arrow) to reset TO DEFAULT their respective settings. Styles and Fonts (Chart Styles) selections DO NOT get reset TO DEFAULT settings. Changing the Border Type in the Box Border setting screen and then returning to the main Hourglass Settings screen DOES NOT reflect the most recent Border Type selection(s). One MUST close out the Hourglass Chart (and re-enter) to see the ACTUAL most recent selection. I’ve covered this topic a bit before, in the forum Newbie question about choosing which chart - RootsMagic - RootsMagic Community.

Some of your issue is going to be “wraparound”:

  • To determine and set an appropriate Box Width, select (from the desired family group) the Person with the longest Place Name in their Birth or Death fact as the focus of the Hourglass. Set the Ancestor and Descendant Generations each to 1. Generate a report for viewing and keep increasing the Box Width until the long Place Name appears all on a single line (no wrapping).

I am guessing I must have changed something at some point either with chart or for a book.
Still odd a user could monkey up a chart that much its not easily fixable – as I said I mimicked nearly all chart settings from RM8 .

Thanks for that, Kevin. I had graphics issues of this sort in Hourglass and other box charts dating from RM8. Never spent much time on them as I have been only using 8 and then 9 lightly and not for graphic output. Like Kevyn, I’ve no recollection of ever having seen the boxes not collapsed nor having done something that caused their collapse.

The UI design implies to me that the reset icon in the main Settings heading is a full reset, not a subset like the others on the sub-dialogs. It’s unclear what it resets; that needs improvement.

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Thanks Tom – that definitely appears to be the reason – I guess must have changed something at one point but where and what? Also, why does do changes in what chat impact multiple charts?

I really had not used these charts much for anything – but I was making a book for someone and right now either of those charts are usable despite resenting most everything. Also, the settings apparently are
global program settings and not store in table it would seem as every RM9 database I tried delivers same result (even 2 RM databases from other users).


Apologies, I knew this, but didn’t want to add extra words or cloud the problem at hand with too much commentary.

Understood – this issue seems to fall more under a fix vs feature request
I still have no idea what to change / reset to correct to produce a usable chart

@rzamor1 can you provide any other guidance?

Create a fresh new database ~ compare !

good suggestion – but any RM9 database current/past as well as newly created has the issue. Does not seem to be related to windows as RM8 works as expected.


I will try one more thing – I will install RM on another computer and see what happens with that.

I merely meant a fresh new database has the DEFAULT settings for Reports/Charts and you can restore your old database settings to those by visually comparing what is DEFAULT in fresh, with what you messed with in older.

but creating a new database doesn’t do that – that was one of my points
Not sure where those settings are but noting in the current install fixes that.
Nothing on current install works to resolve

This is what I did. Installed RM 9.1.3 on different computer:

  • Imported GEDCOM - that worked was expected
  • imported copy of current Database Copy on to new computer – that works as epexted
    so that eliminated database issue it would seem – means the setting is hard coded somewhere outside of tables based on that

I guess I could try reinstalling 9.1.3 on top of itself manually – would that might work?

Sorry, mistook You to want to restore (reset) to default settings, not solve the whole problem. I’ll need to find time to do an Hourglass chart later today and test it’s current functionality

I only want to clear the charting problem - that is my ‘whole’ problem .
I do not want to reset all program setting (that would be a drastic fix that might not even solve the problem).

Sorry if I sound frustrated. Not even sure it is really something I did. – and resetting charting setting would seem to clear that but it doesnt