Ancestor chart RM9 issue


I have created an Ancestor Chart but one family is waaaaay over to the right when there is no need for it to be so far away - there is plenty of room below. Fit to Chart is off, but it didn’t make a difference when it was on.

It is as though RM believes it has to spread the chart across the A3 landscape page I am using, rather than centering and spreading only as much as is needed both horizontally and vertically.

Any suggestions on how this can be solved will be v much appreciated. Thank you.

I have seen this issue when there is more than one spouse, the more spouses the greater that gap. It has been reported to development. However, you are saying this happens with the Ancestor Chart. Support will more than likely need to see the file and chart to see what is going on. Open a support ticket.

Thank you for the advice. Will do. :slightly_smiling_face: