Publishing Descendants Reports

Having migrated my RM7 files to RM8 I have been trying to print some Descendant Charts, but without great success. I am consistently getting some boxes moving to the right away from their parents and joining up with cousins, aunts and uncles. I am also experiencing huge horizontal gaps between boxes so that if I printed the charts the tree would spread across far more pages than is needed. I have checked that no child has more that one set of parents and that each child belongs to the right parents, and all seems to be correct. The programme does not facilitate moving the boxes once published so I am at a bit of a loss as how to proceed. RM Tech support has not been able to help to date. Has anyone else experienced similar problems and if so what was the solution?

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Just had a quick look at the Descendant Chart and certainly see the wasteful white space in all 4 orientations.

Also see the faulty clustering or overlapping of lines that makes it impossible to follow the descendancy lines, coupling generations multilaterally or ambiguously.

That needs work before it is acceptable for use.

Any progress on that. I can’t even see how to force it to work across multiple pages.


Sorry, no real progress at all. After much correspondence with RM support they did acknowledge that a problem needed to be reported to the developers, although I think they must have been well aware of the issues already, so we await their attention. In the meantime I have installed Charting Companion and that serves all of my printing needs.