RM9: Descendant Chart box location controls?

I am looking to print some descendant charts for some parties coming up this summer.

I have a simple four generation chart from my grandfather who had three kids. Oldest has multiple marriages. Middle child is skewed next to the second wife.

From that first child, he had four children, the first child’s daughter is skewed all the way to the right as are the three children from the third, to the point where the descendant lines are “merged” making it unclear who the four kids are descended from.

Is there some way to control where the boxes appear? Some sort of alignment feature?


You are not alone in experiencing this behaviour. I have seen it in RM8, have reported it on this forum and have had extensive contact with RM support. That contact ended with them agreeing to report the issue to development. The issue was not resolved so I sort of went around the problem by installing Charting Companion and using that for printing my charts.
It is a bit disappointing to see you report that it is still an issue in RM9. I was hoping that the lack of resolution in RM8 was because the effort was being put into correcting the issue, and generally enhancing the chart printing facility in RM9, which would be very welcome, by me at least.
Have you sort help from RM support, if not can I encourage you to do so,so that the issue is revived with development.

I was told by support that it had been previously reported to development and that there was no ETA. Disappointing as I am a recent convert from TMG where the large charts worked quite well.

What is “Charting Companion”?

Sounds like a great question for Google, doesn’t it? Create Fantastic Family Tree Charts Using Charting Companion