Printing Descendant Chart

Hi all.
I have searched the forum but cannot find an answer, maybe because it is a simple question!
When I go to print a descendant chart it only prints on one sheet and so is unreadable.
I need it to print on a number of sheets that I can then tape them together.
Any suggestions please.
Many thanks

Windows or MAC?
OS version?
RM7 or RM8?
If RM8, have you checked the HELP Wiki?
Have you checked the Knowledge base on the RM web site under support?
For RM7

Thanks for that.
RM8, Windows 11.
Just checked re RM7 link and my resolution is already set at 100%.
I checked Wiki earlier.

I have seen reports elsewhere of problems with RM8 and Win 11 printing. RM Charting has not been rewritten for RM8 and is the same as the one released in RM4. I suggest that you raise a support ticket at

You’re right AlanH. I never noticed because I haven’t tried to print that chart since going to RM8. I have Windows 11.

The report and charting engines are complete rewrites in RM8. RM8 doesn’t have an option to print on separate sheets. It’s all one file.

Thanks all.

I’ll raise a support ticket.

Hi All
This is RM’s reply:-