Tree Templates help

Hi In the past, it’s been possible to print off Tree Templates from RM - different shapes, Pedigree, fan shape etc. The last version I used was RM7, this is 8, and aren’t impressed so far. Can someone advise please? I sent an email to the help desk which wasn’t at all helpful.

I can’t find any tickets or chats for you to see how support wasn’t helpful. RM7 didn’t have a fan chart and I don’t see that you have RM8. When you say Tree Templates are you referring to large format charts?

I do have RM8… bought it earlier this this/end of last year. They wasn’t huge as print off-able on a home printer.

Here is a wiki article on printing large charts on multiple pages.

Are you asking how to print out blank charts and such?

in RM7 under Reports, All Reports, there is “Blank Reports”. It has forms for pedigree chart, Family group sheet, and 3 logging reports.
But there is nothing in RM8.