Newbie question about choosing which chart

Hello - I am a new user of Roots Magic. In RM9 I can see that there is a long list of reports and charts but can not find what I think should be an ‘easy’ one. What I want is a landscape chart (to print on A4 paper) with 3 generations reading top to bottom

  • Parents at top
  • Their children
  • Their grand children

Am I missing something please?

Thanking you in advance
Thanking you in advance.

Descendant Chart, 3 generations, orientation: top to bottom.

Thank you and I appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, when I try to print the report, it’s a complete mess. There are two print options: If I print on one side A4 it’s tiny and impossible to read. If I check the ‘best size to fit chart’, the result is like this (partial screen shot):
graphic from RM9

Thank you

Instead of Print, choose the Save to File icon (immediately to the right of the Print icon) and save as a .PDF file. Open that and tell us if it looks less of a mess.

Being as the default Box Width is 2.75" inches and A4 Landscape Width is 11.69" inches… you’re only going to fit about 4 boxes wide in a default full-size view on a single A4 sheet w/no spacing. You can shrink the box size, spacing and fonts a little bit, and in the Print settings uncheck Fit to Page and set Scaling to 93% but that still is likely to overflow a single A4. Choosing Fit on Page is folly for many scenarios. Picture those actual dimensions and consider a multi-sheet result for multi-generational widths.

When people have seen that happen they have found closing and reopening the program helps.

Thank you Renee - I tried closing and reopening; and also rebooting computer - but no change.

Thank you Kevin - I tried saving to pdf and it’s still a mess. I played around with chart settings and have taken out pictures. What I would like to try is just showing the names of people - i.e. exclude their dates of birth, places etc Do you know if this is possible please?

The charts don’t have any controls in the settings for what facts to display or not. It would need to be stripped out of the database. You could do that with a copy of your database made via drag n drop. On the Fact Type list you would either exclude those vital fact types by editing them and unchecking the GEDCOM box. The other option is with the copy use the Tools, Remove a fact type for everyone to delete those facts.

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It sounds like the Descendant List would be the best report. You can select the parent you want, select 3 generations and select paper size and orientation. Can also to choose what to include, dates places etc.

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I’m gonna suggest that before you open a support ticket You try the RootsMagic reset to default installation procedure (Ctrl-Shift-U) because even though most Chart settings can be reset via clicking these icons:
Even they DO NOT reset ALL settings in their respective Settings subpanels.

Then, restart RootsMagic, re-enter Program Settings, reload your Database, check all its settings are correct and then with no further changes… Generate Report, choose the Save to File->.PDF and open that PDF and check for a better result.

Unfortunately, RootsMagic’s Reports and Charts Settings screens have undesirable little niggles.The Preview pane does not accurately depict how report output pages will be affected when Fit to Chart is unchecked and larger Box Width/Box Spacing or expanded Generation Spacing exceed a chosen Page Size Layout. It is just an orientation/layout aid that always shows all data as “fitting” your Settings selections, not an actual result preview. There are no Reset buttons in the Appearance section for Styles and Box Border (inconsistent with the other > navigable Layout and Appearance settings). And, changes to the Box Border choices still does not get reflected immediately (as most others now do). One has to exit back to Reports and Charts screen and reenter the particular report type to see the updated choice.

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Charles-- on the descendant chart, have you tried changing the font settings?
Reason I ask is because I went into my one file and made a 3 generation chart with the default settings-- this is the result

A little small for me BUT made a PDF file and it was usable-- would have liked it a little bigger…

So then tried another file ( actually several)-- EXACT same settings and this is the result


way too small to read and the pdf files is the same-- I did try on one changing the font settings BUT have to go with 48 to even get anywhere near viewable on this 2nd one…

If you can’t get the descendant chart to work, the descendant list probably is the next best option…

There is a photo tree

BUT the drawback with that is you would get the grandkids for only one child…

Thank you Nancy for your helpful suggestion. I changed font to 8 point and the result is much better. It’s not perfect yet - the problem is now that RM includes too much info but I’m working on it still.

Thank you again


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Thank you Kevin - good news, resetting to default made a great improvement. And, following Nancy’s suggestion also, I changed font to 8. It’s now legible but includes too much info which clutters up each box. I’m experimenting still but hugely appreciate your help.


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