Roots Magc chart

Can anybody tell me how, when I have rid the ancestor and descendant charts of the coloured fill in the boxes and the coloured lines if I can make the plain and simple look the default. And change the font ? I have had 8 for one day and this was what I looked at first. Apart from that so far so good

Have you looked at all the options in the appearance section of the settings?

Hello Bob
Yes I can change all the settings I want to in ‘appearance’ but I cannot make them ‘default’ and next time I start a chart I have to do it all over again which is a bit frustrating. I am not into colours. I have also found that when you click 'no colour the fill goes a shade of black/grey.
Using Roots magic chart 7 I also insert text boxes with notes and pictures and lines connecting these boxes to the relevant people. I have a lot of experimenting to do ! !