Ancestor Chart - is it possible to make the lines darker?

I am printing the Ancestor Chart from RM9 (v9.1.6.0) and would like to make the lines connecting parents’ boxes to the child’s box darker. They are as good as invisible on the printed page. Is there any way to do this? I think I’ve looked at every setting, so it’s probably a longshot. I am able to adjust the line thickness of the boxes around each person, but cannot seem to do it with the lines between people.


not sure which specific report you mean. Most have setting like this
does that help?


Oops, I referred to it as “Ancestor Report”, I meant “Ancestor Chart”, which is exactly the report from your screenshot. The setting you circled does impact the boxes around the people. But it does not impact the lines between generations, which is what I am seeking.

P.S. I edited my original post to refer to it the by the correct name.

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