Wall Charts - do they still exist/

I have been trying find Wall Charts and the ability to edit the boxes - which was one of the reasons I got Roots Magic in the first place - at the moment had to use Roots Magic 7 to edit one of my charts.
Hopefully this facility still exists and I have been looking in the wrong place!

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They are there under Publish. Just select the type you want, Ancestor, Descendant, Hourglass, Fan.

Yes I have found those but I can’t find out how to edit them ie delete boxes or add information to boxes.

There is no chart editing in RM8. Yet.

I have not used Charts in either RM7 or RM8 so I don’t know if or how they might be different, but there are some options in the setting panel.

Pleased that you said ‘yet’ do you know if it is in the pipeline?

Thanks for this - but it not what I am looking for which was the ability to to move, delete, add boxes around - which I use when showing connections in families.

Echoing the desire for chart editing! Used this feature often in RM 7. Very disappointed not to find it in RM8.

You and me both! I have had to resort to re importing back into RM7 to be able to do this - it would be helpful to get some response from Roots Magic as to whether or not this ‘Chart Editing’ will be restored sometime soon - it was one of the main reasons I purchased RM in the first place.

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I just upgraded from 7 hoping the charting features were improved - do believe there is considerable room for growth. One nice thing is the ability to save charts as SVG graphic files. They can then be opened in any draw program that supports SVG. I found a free one Inkscape - which has all the features most of us will need. Hope this helps with your editing issues.

I became a fan of Family Origins software about 25 years ago and switched over to RM as soon as it was launched. In my opinion the wall charting function has always been very awkward to use and generally the weakest aspect of the software. I look forward its eventual upgrade, whenever that may be.

Thank you for this advice - I am trying out Inkscape to see if I can produce what I want.

Yes but you can’t edit them.