RM8 Chart editing like RM7

Will there come a time when I’ll be able to edit ancestor and descendant charts like I could in RM7? Moving boxes about, changing sizes, copying elements from other trees, adding joiny-uppy lines, and so on? I and others have asked how to do this, but no response suggests I should resubmit this as a feature request.

(RM8 improvement: I do like the way that RM8 couples are joined with a double line and their children descend from the middle of that. Better looking than the RM7 children descending from one partner. But if someone has multiple partners it’s quite clear when the RM8 children descend from them.)

Thanks, Jonathan

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AFAIK, RM Inc has been silent about chart editing. Other features such as custom reports and book publishing have been explicitly postponed from the initial release.