Editing a chart

I have already asked 1 question about the charts (publish) I am afraid that I cannot use the new version 8 if I cannot solve these things
1 my great grandmother had 17 children, too many to put on 1 page. I need to move boxes around so they do not get cut in half and this is just 1 generation.
2 many of these children had 5 + children they may not be relevant to the chart I am doing.you can see my need to edit it by removing boxes.
3 this is very important:-My 2 grandmothers were sisters, one in the middle of the family and 1 at the end.I appear twice in any chart. So that I only appear once I need to put them together and delete 1 string. I can do all this in Roots magic chart 7. I cannot put an 8 file in RM7 so I would have to run 2 files 7 and 8 in parallel.
If someone can tell me how to edit the chart by clicking cutting and dragging and using it as the chart 7 I would appreciate it

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RM8 does not (yet) come with a chart editor. I don’t remember if that was on the list of not-in-the-first-release-but-will-be-in-a-later-update features. Comparing RM8 to RM7:

RM7 Wall Charts RM8
Ancestor Wall Charts in any orientation (left to right, bottom to top, etc) Yes
Descendant Wall Charts in any orientation (top to bottom, left to right, etc) Yes
Hourglass Charts (combined ancestors and descendants) in any orientation (top to bottom, left to right, etc) Yes
Timeline Charts NO
Drag and drop to resize and move individual boxes NO
Add a background image or color Yes.
Print charts up to 100 feet wide Maybe, if RM can connect to a roll printer. Saving as PDF appears to be limited to 200 x 21.49 in Windows.
Print charts on regular size paper and tape together, or print on large format printer Yes
Export charts to JPG, EMF, and other graphic formats NO. PDF & SVG only
Add freeform text, photos, and shapes to your charts NO
NO Fan Chart, ancestors only.

Thank you Tom. I have no option but to wait for a RM8 with chart editor before changing over. Very disappointing it looks good . With large families one needs to edit and put in text boxes with something like +14.


I had the same question as you and I found yEd, a soft that let you generate a diagram based on your GEDCOM file. From that you are free to make the last adjustments.


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Thank you for the lead on yEd. Looks interesting.

Thank you, I have looked at the manual and decided to continue as I am. The yEd looks as though it will be too complicated for me and as RM7 chart does all I want I will stick with it . I have retained the info and when I have the time to investigate further I will. It looks as though one has to make a gedcom file from the RM file first , another step.