RM9 report features vs RM8 efeatures

I was watching a video on RM8 Reports. It looks like one could edit a report in RM8 by editing text, or grabbing one or more persons and dragging them to another place on the screen, but the display on a RM9 report is fixed - it does not allow such interactive editing. Also, in RM8 one could choose the data included in an Ancestor “box” but there is no such option in RM9. Finally, what does “cascading” mean? I thought it meant spilling chart elements to additional pages so they could be taped together, allowing for larger type on large charts. Sorry if this is answered somewhere - I’m a newbie…

I must have watched a video using RM7 because RM8 and RM9 reports and charts are exactly the same. Charts are not editable in RM8 & RM9. The option for data to include on charts has been reported to development. Cascading would be a pedigree chart, which is different than an Ancestor chart. Cascading would be continued pages of the 4-6 generation pedigree. Start person same as #8 on chart no. 1. etc.

This help page article explains printing large format charts on multiple pages.