Hourglass Chart Questions

I love the “Hourglass Charts”. Is there a way to:

  • delete the “Title” ??
  • fade the background image if added ??
  • increase the box size and photo of the “selected person” ??

Yes, with the block displayed, drag your mouse pointer to select the entire current contents then either press Ctrl+C (Copy) or right-click and choose Copy. Having now copied the contents for later repasting… delete all contents of that block and proceed to all other settings followed by clicking the Generate Report button. After chart is printed/saved. Repaste the copied “default” back into the Title block (or leave it blank going forward). As long as you understand that [Person] is part of RootsMagic template language used here in title block, you’re golden.

Open the graphic file you intend to use in an editor and make a “faded” copy. Use the “faded” graphic file as the background.

Only all boxes at once can be resized.

Thank you, kbenson!!!:white_check_mark: