Where is "died young"?

While tidying up my Place List I came across a place called “died young”.
So it was a typo at some time in the past. I would like to fix it.
I do a search everywhere and it simply tells me there is a place called “died young”.
But I can see no way to find where it is being used in the database.
I don’t want to simply delete it because that would lose the ‘died young’ information.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I am using Windows 10 and the issue is the same in my RM7 database as in my test RM8 database.

I’ll answer for RM7 because you are still production in RM7, even though this is a case where RM8 is easier.

Go into the Place List via Lists => Place List.

Navigate to “died young”. You can do so by typing in d followed by i followed by e etc.

Click on the Print button followed by the Generate Report button. This will list all the locations in RM were “died young” is used as a place name.

If this process fails, the only other thing I can think of is that “died young” is a Place Detail rather than a Place, but let’s jump off that that bridge only if we come to it.


AH! Just brilliant. Worked perfectly. It was a place name.
Give that man a pat on the back :slight_smile:
And a big thank you.

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Sorry, I do not see the way in RM8.

In RM8 go to Places, highlight the place and then click on Events in the Edit Place panel.


Yes, that’s why I described doing it in RM8 as being easier than in RM7. You don’t even have to run a report. The data is already there. You just have to click on Events to see it.

That being said, I still think the Places screen in RM8 could easily be much improved. Namely, it already has columns for Place, Latitude, Longitude, and Details. Then there is a bunch of stuff in the right hand panel. Much of the stuff in the right hand panel would benefit from also being a column. That would allow you to scan down the columns to see things very easily. I bet if Events had been a column, you would have seen it very easily.

And in a really perfect world, all the columns would be sortable. That would let you find Places with and without Details, Places without and without Events, etc. very easily.


I’ve been using a real simple SQLite query to do things like that. Including finding place details with the same name belonging to two different places. They may be legit, but they may also point to a data entry error.

Nifty to know this.
I just cleaned up some people that had their places wrong (I had dates in there).
Now that I went into their file and corrected it. The Place still show up in my Place listing, but it is not attached to anything.
I went to Tools and Rebuilt Index’s, Clean Phantom Records, and ran Compacted.
This did not remove the Places that are not attached to anything.
If there not attached to anything, why are they still showing up in the Places listing. And am I going to have to go in and looked at ever Place to see if it is attached and delete them one at a time, manually?

Yes. That’s the only way to do it.

That stinks because I have hundreds of Places in my place listing.