Publish a List including PLACE, NAME & EVENT - How do I do this?


I am relatively new to RM8 but have used the previous versions for over a decade and am quite familiar with the software.
One of the features that I use quite extensively is what used to be called the Place List. This would give me the place, the person and the event and was a vital resource on which to base my work.
Sadly, I can’t seem to figure out how to create one on the new RM8 which is driving me batty!
Can somebody PLEASE (begging here) help me learn how to create such a list as I have exhausted myself attempting to create one using the other list options.
I know there is a Facts List where I can select a fact such as birth - then the place and date - but this is a nightmare and it does not give me the place first - which I NEED so desperately.
Fingers crossed someone will respond to this cry for help quickly so I can move forward in my research.
Thanking you in anticipation… Fran

N.B. Thinking I might type up the format I’m wanting and used to using as well as why I need it in this format.
When I go to places, I want to see at a glance who did what there - so, if I was going to Bathurst, I would want to see a section that looked like this -
Australia, New South Wales, Bathurst
BAYLISS, Joseph died 1846
BAYLISS, Joseph buried 1846
CASHMAN, Henry Charles married Amy Victoria SPOONER 1921

That way, when I travel to Bathurst, I can see at a glance who, where and what happened.

This is also important as I help other family members locate their families - you see, this list was invaluable in RootMagic7 and prior but just doesn’t seem to exist in RootsMagic 8.

I’m beginning to think I’m going to have to work with both programs in order to use my data to help other family members. Can’t tell you how this concept frustrates me.

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Go to Reports (the printer icon) select Place List. Select from the options listed.

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I’m using RM 8 - it doesn’t have a Reports - only Publish and I’ve done a Place List but it only lists place names - no events, no people - just places. I need events and people. Thanks anyhow.

Have you looked at the Individual list report with the option to print facts checked?

Hi alainemk,
Although this does contain the information, it does not have the place names as a grouping with events/people in that place.
If the place was where the people’s names were, that would be good - but it hasn’t got this function.
Thanks anyhow.

Are you talking about the addition of the place list? In the Report Settings box, References, Index, you can choose to print both or either the Name index or Place Index. Choices under Place index are No Place, Place or Reverse Place. Is your report set to print No Name Index, No Place Index?

Click upon (highlight) Bathurst, then look at lower right of screen for window panel named Place Items. Within that section is Events. If there is a number greater than 0… Click that number or the “>” symbol at the very end of that line.

Publish>Place List with careful selection of options will give you

Date, Fact/Event, Name

The report can be run for all places, multiple places or a single place


Please tell me where, on RM8, I can find this Report Settings box - I know where it was in RM7 but all I can find in RM8 is Publish then a list of reports, none of which (and I’ve tried them all) has what I want. If I could post an image I’d show you what I mean.

OMGosh BobC - you angel you!

If you see an arrow in any of the settings, click on it for options.

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My bad, I should have said the publish icon and then Place List. It is there and works!

You guys are amazing - thank you SO much for your advice. Yes, I was able to find this with BobC - it is EXACTLY what I need as I use this as a reference when I am travelling or when other family members are travelling so that we know where to look for places. It is such a fantastic resource for me that I was sure there MUST be a way to do it as I couldn’t imagine it not being mutually beneficial to many researchers.
Thank you MKGT - I appreciate this. :heart:

You can also get the same place list that you were getting in RM7. Select the Place List from the reports menu then on the setup screen click the line that says “Print all Places >”. This will open a pop-up window with a drop-down option. Select “Print all places and events” from that drop down and you should get the report you are accustomed to in RM7.

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Muchly appreciated jnunnally :slight_smile: :heart: