Finding where a particular place was used in RM7

When I started using RM7 I did not always fill the places category correctly. Is there a way to see where a place in the places list is used throughout my database? I would like to correct some of the place names in my database.

RM9 has the Used list, in RM7 you need to use the Place List report. Select either “Print all places” or “Print events in a single place” to see all the events. You can access the Place List report by clicking Print on the Place List or under Reports.


Not sure the RM UI’s have exactly what you need for your purposes. I do alot of work for cleanup within RM, For some things, I do advanced filtering using a PBI tool I built via ODBC connector. I usually do a relatively quick monthly housekeeping to clean up things done via TreeShare. Once or twice a year I do an in-depth cleanup which I actually completed this morning I use 4 place levels (except for County or State only). I use place details for additional info for non-cemetery locations. All cemeteries are the only ones that use 5 place levels. The place details for cemeteries are reserved for eventual headstones GPS locations.

This is not a criticism aimed at kevync1985 in particular but uses this opportunity to make a call. Perhaps mostly for us foreigners, there are too many abbreviations and technical expressions used in this forum. Some examples: FYI, RM UI’s, PBI tool, ODBC connector, URI, BB.

I have no idea what this mean.


somewhat fair criticism. No offense taken And most are easily googlable – I usually use abbreviate with what it means only once per thread unless it should be common knowledge (FYI). I avoid the extra details sometimes when I should explain so you might have point there.

RM = RootsMagic (guess I assumed that one would be obvious)
FYI = For Your Information (common used in US)
UI = User Interface
URL? (NOT URI) = is basically the hyperlink address for website

The ones below would be more directed to those who have at least heard of them and go outside of RM

PBI = Power BI (Microsoft) == very power business intelligence data tool

ODBC = The Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface is a C programming language interface that makes it possible for applications to access data from a variety of database management systems (DBMSs)

RM is not a problem, but I wrote “RM UI’s”

No, URI, not URL. Google it, there is a good article on Wikipedia.

Rootsmagic User Interface also known as the graphical bit that you see when you start RM.