Place Details linked to zero events

I have some Place Details in RM8 that are not linked to any events. I think that these place details were once linked to an event in RM7 but I decided (in RM7) to move the information elsewhere and somehow didn’t delete the place details (but I’m not sure how I should have done that in RM7) and RM8 has picked up the Place Details but has no events to link them to.

Should I delete these zero-event place details or might they be used somewhere else?

If the ‘Place details’ are not linked to an Event then they are not being used.

In the Places tab, check the 3-dot menu for “show unused places” and delete from there.

That will show unused “Places” - not unused “Place details” which is what the question was about. It is possible to have Place details that are not connected to an Event where you do not wish to delete the Place which is connected to another Event.

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I have been data cleaning by using the new RM8 ability to see if a place detail has zero uses and then deleting that place detail.

I have found loads of them where I had recategorized the location for an event, either correcting it to another place detail or even transferring with the same place detail but nested under another place.

In RM7 I couldn’t tell whether the original place/place detail was still being used by another event, so left them in place. Now they can safely be removed because I can see the zero use. That doesnt affect the place, only the redundant, unused place detail.

Its lovely finding these gems of improvement that RM8 brings. I am steadily warming to the update and finding workarounds or getting used to its hitches. So I no longer regret having totally moved over from 7 to 8.


In RM7 Lists>Place List click Unused Places button and you can delete the unused places.

Bob, please see my previous post. The original post was asking about deleting “Place details” not deleting “Places” (in RM8) which is what Unused Places finds for you. The original poster did not want to delete Places.

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Actually the Unused Places list shows both Places with no Place Details where the Place is not linked to any Events, and Places with Places Details where those Place Details are not linked to any Events. I’ve been checking Place Details to make sure they are not linked to any Events, but so far it seems the Places / Place Details in the Unused Places list can be deleted.

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