RM8: Safely delete places with 0 events?

I noticed in the Places list that I have places with zero events tied to them. Can I safely delete them or could they be tied to something else not being counted?

If you click on the three dots and select “Show Unused Places” then anything that appears there can be deleted. Otherwise, they are linked to an event that can be found on the :Edit Places" portion by clicking > beside “Events”. If you are looking in the “Details” column on the Places screen the 0 means there are no details like address or cemetery, etc.


Thank you so much! This is very illuminating.

Thank you very much, that is what I was looking for.

My understanding of the new Place Event field is that your initial premise is true. If event = 0 then the place is unused. With RM7 you had to run the unused places report. Now you can see the same result under Sources, with the place Event field.

How can I delete all unused places at once?

The only way I am aware of is to drag n drop to a new database. Of course this method exposes you to data loss because it uses gedcom transfer in the background. See Here for a discussion. Otherwise one at a time.

Thanks BobC - too bad, seems an obvious feature to include. My new installation came with a long list of places unrelated to my tree, that I’d like to clean out.

No, RM doesn’t come with a list of places. If you have a list of places, then you opened at database and that database had the places in it, maybe they were unused, but they were in that database.

No it didn’t if it was a new installation.

OK, even though I have no recollection of opening one or more DB’s other than my tree, I accept the conclusion that I must have done so. Thanks for your responses, however I still think the ability to delete more than one place at a time is a reasonable idea…