Cannot find PlaceDB.dat "Nag"

Reinstalled RM.
Chose not to install any optional features Place Database or MS Edge Webview2 Runtime.
Due to the number of program freezing I am having. No errors just freezing.

unchecked is CountyCheck when entering places.

getting this NAG
“Cannot find PlaceDB.dat. Please try reinstall the place”
Every time after accepting and matching place name then to next fact this pops up.
And when entering the place tab, and at every time I press a place name in Place area.

It PlaceDB is optional why is this popping up?
Is there a register edit to turn this off or in the RM file settings?
Usually there is a setting in the register to change from 1 to 0.

Make sure you have turned off County Check in Program Settings

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The Place Database really isn’t optional. It’s just a separate download in Windows. This started many years ago when RM was only a Windows program and people were on dial-up. They didn’t want to download such a large file at one time. If you already had it installed from a previous version you didn’t need to download it again. Since then we’ve kept it separate, even though the Mac version has the Place Database already included in the download. RM8 uses the Place Database from a different location so you will need to download and install it again.

Yea figure that out real quick and installed it.
I did notice from the uninstall and re install.
The uninstall did not remove all of the program. When 1st opened it immediately had my settings and registration with out opening the data file.
Is there a complete uninstall procedure to remove all parts?
I tried to remove as much as I could find in the registry and file explorer.

Like the vast majority of Windows software, Rootsmagic doesn’t completely remove itself. You need to do some bits manually or write a script that does it or something. Rootsmagic preferences are in C:\Users\YourUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagic.

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duh. forgot about that one.