PlaceDB.dat missing

I have not installed the place database in Rootsmagic 8, just like I did not in any of the previous versions as it is supposed to be an optional extra. Whenever I do any editing of places I get an error saying the “Cannot find PlaceDB.dat” I am quite happy to install the place database if it is required but I am confused as to the documentation saying it is optional, and it appearing not to be optional.
Has anyone else found this problem?

“Cannot find PlaceDB.dat” - yes, me too.

I also am seeing this problem too. How do I add placeDB.dat so I don’t get this message?

Location for download

You chose not to install place database so should not be surprised when RM7/8 tells you it is not there. Windows users can install this as a separate item. Macs have it built into the installer. Optional does not mean not useful.

In Windows it’s split out because updates don’t require downloading the Place Database Installer again. That makes for smaller downloads. On the Mac we needed to include it in the installer.