I am a new RootsMagic 9 user. I want to delete everything I have so far and start fresh

I just want to clear everything that is on my RootsMagic 9. I have tried to search an answer on Google, but I find nothing. Is there a simple explanation for performing this task?

Thank you for any help you can send my way.


I am also new to RootsMagic 9 but you could just click on File and then create an Empty File. Save file under a new name that is different from what you currently have.


Clarify what you mean. Search the manual or wiki not Google.

Uninstall RM9 completely to remove preference settings, etc.
Close an open file/database and delete it in Finder.
Unlink in settings an ancestry tree and delete it on ancestry.

Hi, Rooty ~
I have my problem solved. I do not need to delete everything. I am no longer as frustrated with this program as I was.
Thank you!

I’m new to RM8 and want to tidy uploaded RM7 input errors. I have for instance a date where a place should be. How do I track down the Person Record where the error occurred?

Go to the places tab and highlight the place name that is a date. Look at ‘Edit Place’ (column to the left of the screen), then to the section labeled ‘Place Items’, then ‘Events’. Here you should see a number, click on the arrow to open that field, The facts where that “place” is used should slide in. Use the pencil button (Edit Item) to jump to the Edit Person screen where that date is used and correct it. When back to the Places tab, the Show Unused Places is in the Ellipsis shaped Option menu (3-dots) in the bar above the places.

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Thanks for this – it all looks pretty complicated to this 84 year old but grandchildren are on hand to help!




In addition to suggestion by alainemk, one can:

Click Places in left menu.
Click three vertical dots to open a menu.
Choose Print places and Place list report settings screen opens.
Click line that reads Print All places and Place List screen print option menu opens. Change Print all places in database TO Print events in a single place

Thank you. I’ve just learned that you had answered my question.